O-ring Warriors Nation… Vintage Only!

For fans of the vintage O-ring G.I.Joe figure construction, there aren’t many places to get your fix. Most forums have evolved with the times and embraceĀ the modern styled figures with sealed body and some type of ball-joint hips. Amidst the plethora of Joe-related Facebook Groups, there might be something for fans of A Real American Hero, but it’s so hard to search and the format has a habit of eating posts. Long-time action figure customizer “Rambo” has set up a forum called O-ring Warriors Nation (a.k.a. “O.W.N.”), where enthusiasts of vintage styled G.I.Joe figures can discuss customizing and show off their work. OWN is different from other forums because the focus is solely on O-ring based figures. I help administer the website and we’re trying to build up the community over there, so check it out atĀ http://oring.bestforo.com/ and explore the possibilities of vintage G.I.Joes!


I’m not sure if the Internet really needs another blog, so I’m waiting for something to inspire me to post here. The page comes with the account, though, and this is the homepage for “cyko9” – avid toy collector and GIJoe fan.